Denton North Carolina Old Photos, Old Times Not Forgotten:

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We would like to say thanks to the people who shared Photos for these albums, John Johnson, WJ Loflin, Donnie Bell, Joanne Sue Snider Richard Smith, Raeford Clover, Max Hill, John Yates, Frances Lax, Mary Lee Kindly, Betty Lomax, Ginger Martin, Nancy [Lanier] Johnson, Avalea Surratt, Peggy Wilkins, Al Penry, Denton NC Library, Donnie Glover, the crew picture {B-52 Crash} is courtesy Lt. Colonel Glen C. Farnham. USAF Ret., border & graphics courtesy Lowe Garner.

Our goal is to provide a source of information {old photos, history, stories, profile,etc } about the Town of Denton North Carolina for residents, visitors and anyone else .
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